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Remote Asset Monitoring with Smappee Infinity

Easily Monitor Power, Water & Fuel Useage Remotely, Including Alarm & Status Monitoring

Are you managing a portfolio of sites with different energy assets? Do you have multiple solar installations? Do you run critical power infrastructure that requires 24hour monitoring? Do you need immediate alerts if issues occur? Then read on.

Seamlessly monitor energy across multiple assets or sites

Managing multiple energy consuming sites can be complicated. But with Smappee Infinity life becomes a whole lot easier, allowing you to monitor and adjust energy consumption seamlessly across your sites at the flip of a switch (well OK at the adjustment of an app!).  

If you need to understand and see quickly and clearly in real-time what is happening across your sites then let Smappee Infinity do all the hard work for you.

User-friendly interface

Smappee monitors energy not only from single facilities but can manage both remote individual assets and multiple facilities, all via its user-friendly app or in-depth online reporting dashboard, both fully customisable with easy to understand graphics.

Easily see what is happening with your energy consumption and/or generation across and within your different sites. For example, if you are running multiple pumps across different sites, Smappee can show you how each pump is performing and monitor motor overload contacts.

If you have multiple solar installations at different facilities, monitor them from the comfort of your office chair (or your car or in fact anywhere, using the Smappee app on your phone or tablet). Smappee will tell you what you're generating and consuming in real-time. You can get all the historical data too of course, down to 5-minute intervals.

Instant alerts using Smappee and IFTTT

It gets better. Not only does Smappee monitor the energy consumption of all your assets across different sites, but it can also send you an alarm if things aren't right. Thanks to Smappee's partnership with IFTTT (short for if this, then that) you can easily create alerts based on changes to power characteristics of an asset or the status of digital alarm outputs. Set up different scenarios for your sites or individual assets so if, for example, an asset's power characteristics change, or an energy consumption threshold is passed, you can be alerted via your phone or email. This way you and your staff know straight away if something isn't right.

Smart control of your assets

Smappee can control your smart devices so if you receive, for example, an alert that your air-conditioning system is consuming more energy than a pre-set level, Smappee can automatically adjust the system for you, by for example changing the temperature on the thermostat or switching it off altogether for a short time.

You can even use Smappee to monitor water and gas assets too, via a connection to the pulse output of the existing gas or water meter. In fact, any pulse output can be monitored including diesel, air or any other metered gas or fluid.

A whole solution for all your monitoring needs

Smappee is truly a complete solution for all your energy monitoring and management needs, and it's quick and easy to install and use.

Using Smappee to monitor and manage your multiple sites gives you peace of mind and confidence that the energy consumption of your assets, or your solar power generation, is optimised and that all systems are functioning optimally.

Vista Power Technologies can quickly and easily design, supply and organise the installation of a Smappee system anywhere in Australia.

For more information on how Smappee can help you monitor energy and status of your remote assets, check out the Smappee Infinity overview here or feel free get in touch.

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