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Smart EV Charging with Smappee Infinity

Reduce Charging Costs & Impact on the Electrical System with Smappee's Smart Charging Solutions

Switching to an electric vehicle (EV) like Tesla's Model S, 3 or X, the Nissan Leaf, or many of other EV models now available in Australia, is a great choice for reducing environmental impact and running costs.

By utilising renewable energy instead of fossil fuel to provide propulsion you can greatly reduce the amount of atmospheric carbon being emitted.

Furthermore, the cost of running an EV, along with maintenance is greatly reduced due to electricity costing much less than petrol, diesel or LPG, and the servicing requirements for electric motors being minimal compared to internal combustion engines.

Smart EV Charging with Smappee Infinity

Smappee Infinity provides a revolutionary solution when it comes to charging your Electric Vehicle.

By installing a Smappee Infinity system, users are able to effectively distribute energy between their EV charger and other devices in the same building whilst maximising self-consumption of solar power.

Smappee monitors the energy demand of all appliances and loads connected to your home or business' electical system, controlling when certain devices operate by either switching them on and off, or in the case of some EV chargers, by dialing up or down the rate of charging, also known as dynamic load balancing.

Current EV chargers that integrate directly with the Smappee Ininity system are as follows:

Alfen EV Chargers EVBox EV Chargers KEBA EV Chargers Powerdale EV Chargers

Why Choose a Smart EV Charging System?

Understanding Your Energy

Not only for the obvious reason of being able to keep track of exactly how much power your EV is using and the associated costs.

Control & Save Costs

Along with the cost savings associated with choosing to charge with solar and low-cost power.

Overload Protection

Due to their high consumption EV charging stations are often at risk of overloading electrical systems. If there is no contingency in place to manage power flow and too many appliances are operating and drawing power, running an EV charger at full load can be enough to trip the main circuit breaker, causing a full power outage.

By installing a Smart EV charging system including the Smappee Infinity system, not only is proper power management ensured, the whole charging process can actually be made more efficient.

Options for Smart EV Charging with Smappee Infinity

Smappee Switch (wireless)

Imagine controlling any of your home appliances with your phone and being able to automate when and how they switch on and off.

The Smappee Switch is a wireless switch, including single phase power metering, that is connected between the power outlet and the appliance that needs to be controlled.

The switch itself connects with the Smappee Genius gateway through a wireless radio frequency signal (at 433 MHz). The switch is capable of swiitching and measuring current flow up to 16A and you can connect up to 20 Smappee Switches with one Smappee Infinity system.

With the Smappee Switch installed the Infinity system can intelligently monitor and distribute energy flow between all connected devices based on your chosen preferences.

Where the installed EV charger is rated to 16A or below at full load, the Smappee Switch can provide a simple and low-cost solution to control when the charger operates.

Smappee Switch

Output Module and Contactor (hard wired)

The Smappee Output Module allows for switching of whole circuits by controlling an electromagnetic switch called a contactor. These can be rated for switching almost any sized electrical load.

For example, the EV charger, water boiler, and an electric motor can be connected with Smappee system through wired connections using the output modules. Furthermore, these devices can be controlled remotely if Smappee Genius is connected with the system.

The Smappee Output Module consists of two outputs (changeover contacts) and multiple output modules can be installed in a Smappee Infinity system. This allows for many different circuits to be controlled automatically and manually through the Smappee app.

The Smappee Output module is perfect for switching power to an EV charger rated higher than 16A. Also, being a hard-wired solution there is no chance of any wireless signal dropping out due to distance or objects in the way, making it a more robust option.

Smappee Output Module

Direct Integration with EV Chargers

The third option mentioned in this article and the most exciting, is the option for direct integration with a range of EV chargers (mentioned above). Smappee has collaborated with these EV charger manufacturers to design and develop an integrated product.

The Smappee Infinity system can be connected directly to the charger rather than switching the AC supply. Doing so will enable the users to monitor and control the EV charging station directly through the Smappee app, along with dynamic load balancing by varying the load depending on other external factors.

The dynamic load balancing feature can also be used in commercial applications where multiple chargers are installed and with a total load rated higher than the electrical system can handle.

The Smappee Infinity System

The Smappee system is a complete solution for effectively balancing energy flow in a home or business. It offers a wide range of features that enable you to keep a check on energy, gas, and water usage. You can control your home appliances, design a schedule for automated switching, and check the power consumption of every device (connected with Smappee).

Smappee Infiniity Full System

Looking for more information or a quote for a Smappee Infinity system to suit your needs?

For more information on how Smappee can help you monitor, optimise and control your energy use, check out the Smappee Infinity overview here.

Alternatively, feel free get in touch by giving us a call during business hours on 1300 878 287 or completing the information request form on this page.

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