Australian Distributor

Algodue Digital Power Meters & Power Quality Analysers

Vista Power Technologies can provide a range of Digital Power Meters to meet individual client needs and budgets.

Device Features

Our digital power meters include some of the following key features:

  • Din-rail and panel mount installation options
  • Multiple options for current measurement including Direct Connect, CT Connect and Rogowski Coil Connect
  • Networking and monitoring via digital communications including Pulse Output, Modbus-RTU/ASCII (RS-485) and Modbus-TCP (Ethernet)
  • Integrated webserver for remote viewing and configuration via a web browser
  • Voltage and current harmonics up to the 50th harmonic with Class 1 accuracy
  • Active energy measurement with Class 0.5S accuracy
  • Reactive energy measurement with Class 1 accuracy
  • Voltages and current measurement up to 0.2% accuracy


Our digital power meters can cover most commercial and industrial power monitoring applications where advanced power usage and power quality information is required including standalone and/or networked installations. Furthermore, by utilising split core CTs or Rogowski coil current monitoring our digital power meters are perfect for retrofit applications, often required during electrical infrastructure upgrades of commercial buildings.

Applications for these devices include:

  • Temporary or Permanent Energy Auditing
  • Intelligent Power Monitoring Systems
  • Load Management Systems
  • Load Monitoring of Individual Machinery and Equipment
  • Peak Load Monitoring and Control
  • HVAC Sub Circuit Monitoring
  • Harmonics and Power Factor Monitoring
  • Power Generation Systems
  • OEM Applications

As an official distributor for the Algodue range of power monitoring products we can offer the following UPM209, UPM309, PQM3000 and PQM4000 Digital Power Meters.