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PQM3000 Class A Power Quality Meters

PQM3000 Class A Power Meters Front View

Key Features

  • 1/5A CT or 1/3V current clamp Connect

  • Rack 19” mounting

  • Harmonics up to the 50th & interharmonics measurement

  • Data recording for further EN 50160 analysis

  • Data recorded in standard PQDIF & CSV file formats

  • Embedded web server for local & remote viewing

  • Communication on Ethernet & 3G networks

  • GPS time synchronisation module for accurate timing

  • Internal rechargeable backup battery

  • Certified according to IEC/EN 61000-4-30:2015 Ed.3, Class A for voltage characteristics


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The PQM3000 class A power quality meter is a ‘high-end’ power monitoring device, able to monitor and record power quality parameters in AC power networks. It provides highly accurate measurement of voltage, current and power characteristics according to Class A specification.

Whilst the PQM3000 provides standard power measurement data for three-phase systems, the device also acts as an event and fault recorder/logger, capable of storing a high number of voltage events and disturbances, frequency variations, inrush currents, etc. Additional power quality data can be recorded, such as flicker, phase imbalance, harmonics and interharmonics and mains signalling. Furthermore, extra voltage and current measurement channels provide the capability to monitor neutral potential and earth leakage current.

The powerful recording features of the PQM3000 provide the ability to capture and record all types of standard and power quality data simultaneously. All this information can be locally recorded for an extensive time period due to the high 16 gigabyte memory capacity. This allows for a complete EN 50160 analysis to be performed on logged data. Events and disturbances also provide waveform recording together with RMS values. Recordings can be transferred in different ways. Users can download them directly through the web interface or set a scheduled automatic data upload to a remote server.

The PQM3000 includes several different communication ports so that users can access the device and internal data in different ways:

  • The Ethernet ports on the front and rear of the device allow complete control of the instrument. Web access for real-time monitoring, device setup, stored data transfer and maintenance operations.
  • The integrated mobile network router provides remote management of the device using 3G mobile networks where a local Ethernet communication network is not available.
  • The RS485 port is dedicated to data reading of PQMGPS1, i.e. the external GPS module provided with the instrument. PQMGPS1 provides accurate time information regardless of the location where the meter is installed as part of a distributed monitoring system.

Moreover, different I/O channels are provided to enhance the instrument features. A user-friendly multilingual interface is provided for the web server which simplifies the access to instrument operations.

PQM3000 is available in 2 models. One for external standard CTs with 1 or 5A output and another for current clamps with 1 or 3V output. In this way maximum flexibility is granted even on existing systems.

Main Features


  • Voltage direct connection up to 1000 VLL or through PT for MV and HV systems
  • 4th voltage channel for measurement of potential difference between Neutral and Protective Earth
  • 5 current channels to be used with CTs or clamps according to the model
  • 4th current channel dedicated for Neutral current measurement, for both models the current measuring range (CT primary and secondary, clamp full scale and voltage output) can be programmed together with the main three-phase channels
  • 5th current channel reserved for earth leakage monitoring, with separate current measuring range setup to ensure different sensitivity from the main channels
  • Three-phase 3 and 4 wire or single-phase operating mode
  • Suitable for 50 and 60 Hz systems
  • Fast simultaneous sampling on all 9 channels, at 1024 samples/cycle
  • All measured voltage characteristics certified according to IEC/EN 61000-4-30:2015 Ed.3, Class A
  • Measurement of additional power quality parameters, such as K Factor

Recording & Data Storage

  • Voltage event recording (sags, swells, interruptions) with storage of 1/2c RMS values and waveforms
  • Sag/swell recording on 4th voltage channel with storage of 1/2c RMS values and waveforms
  • Rapid Voltage Changes measurement and event recording
  • Power frequency variation monitoring and recording with 1/2c RMS values and waveforms
  • “Slow” event recording on Frequency, Unbalance Ratio, Flicker, Voltage THD and Mains Signalling variations
  • Overcurrent recording on three-phase current channels with storage of 1/2c RMS values and waveforms
  • Data LOG function for Min/Avg/Max values of selectable parameters, at programmable rate
  • Energy counter LOG at programmable rate
  • Functional event LOG to report the changes of device operating status, useful to keep the instrument condition under control
  • Digital input status change LOG
  • Automatic data upload to FTP server started by frequency events or scheduled at preset time day by day
  • Recordings containing large amounts of data 1/2c RMS with waveform and Min/Avg/Max are recorded directly in standard PQDIF files
  • For other type of recordings, “slow” events, Energy LOG, Functional LOG, Digital input LOG, data is provided in standard CSV files
  • In case of a failure on the PQM auxiliary power line, the monitoring and recording functions remains active due to the backup battery

Inputs & Outputs

  • 11 isolated digital inputs for remote management of control signals
  • 4 isolated analogue outputs for real time parameter variation transmission


  • Two Ethernet ports, one designed for a permanent installation on the instrument rear and one for occasional connections on the front panel
  • Integrated router for 3G mobile communication useful if Ethernet connection is not possible
  • RS485 port dedicated for GPS synchronised data reading

Data Analysis

  • Standard file formats allow for quick viewing and analysis on all stored data without any special software
  • PQM-Analyzer software is provided to perform statistical analysis and generate reports on recorded data according to EN 50160 power quality standard