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UPM209 & UPM209RGW Digital Power Meters

UPM209 Series Digital Power Meter Front View

Key Features

  • Din-rail mount

  • Compact device only 4 DIN modules wide

  • Fully bi-directional four quadrant measurement capabilities

  • Main electrical parameters measured and displayed locally and available via high level interface

  • 80A direct connect, 1/5A CT connect & Rogowski coil connect options available

  • PT connect for HV applications

  • MODBUS RTU/ASCII via RS-485 or MODBUS TCP via Ethernet communications options

  • Up to 8 MB for data recording (ENH)

  • Ability to record all energy counters (ENH)

  • Up to 24 parameters selectable among real time measurements for MIN/AVG/MAX recording (ENH)

  • Possibility to manage the instrument in remote mode with WintoolNET software or by integrated Web interface (ENH)


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The UPM209 & UPM209RGW series of digital power meters provide an innovative solution for measurement and recording of the electrical parameters in AC power systems. It is particularly suitable for consumption analysis and control either as a standalone device or as part of a networked monitoring and control system. For example a BMS (building management system) or EMS (energy management system).

The instrument can communicate via an RS-485 serial port over MODBUS-RTU/ASCII protocol or via an Ethernet port over MODBUS-TCP protocol.

With options for 80A direct connect, 1/5A CT connect or Rogowski coil connect, this digital power meter is perfect for both retrofit and new applications, also covering a very wide current range with full scale value options from 80A up to 20kA

Furthermore, it is available with the WintoolNET software for remote management of the device. A web interface is also available in the Ethernet devices, a very useful function that allows for management of the instrument by a PC, tablet or smart phone connected on the network using a web browser.