Split Core Current Transformer (CT) – 24mm – 200/5A

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  • Primary current: 200A AC
  • Output: 5A at rated current
  • Accuracy: ± 1% (class 1)
  • Insulation Voltage: 600V AC
  • Maximum Primary Voltage: 5,000V AC
  • Phase angle: Less than 2 degrees at 50% of rated current
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to 55°C.
  • Leads: 1.0 m cable
  • CE recognized, and RoHS compliant
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The SCT-T24-200-5A is a split-core current transformer (CT) for use in AC power monitoring applications. This model includes a 200A primary rating with a 0-5A output proportional to the measured current. This model allows for a conductor with a maximum outside diameter of 24mm. Furthermore, these CTs include 1m long colour coded leads allowing for quick and easy connection.

These CTs are typically used with ammeters, kWh meters, digital power meters, and other devices that monitor electrical parameters in AC power applications. The split-core design allows for connection of the CT to an existing conductor without the need for disconnection and reconnection, thus reducing the installation time. An accuracy rating within +/- 1% (class 1 accuracy) makes this device a perfect solution for commercial power monitoring applications.

The SCT-T24 series of split-core CTs provide options for a primary rating of 100A, 200A, or 300A.

Safety Notice

Current transformers (CTs) are intended to be used as proportional current devices. In the case of CTs providing a 1A or 5A secondary output, very high voltages will result from open circuiting the secondary circuit whilst the current transformer is energised. With this being the case, their terminals must be short-circuited if the power monitoring device is to be removed or when a CT is not in use before

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