Hoymiles Micro Inverters – HM Series

$211.54$384.62 excl. GST

  • World leading efficiency of 96.7% for multi-input micro inverter
  • Suitable for single-phase & three-phase applications
  • Perfect for solar panel installations with multiple orientations or partial shading
  • Higher safety and low fire risk thanks to max 60V DC and no requirement for DC isolators
  • High reliability with a reported failure rate of less than 0.02%
  • Dual input micro inverters reduce hardware cost and installation time
  • Panel level monitoring available on the S-Miles Cloud monitoring platform (requires DTU module)
  • Includes 12-Year Standard Product Warranty (extendable to 25-years)


Hoymiles Multi Input Micro Inverters

Microinverter Technology at an Affordable Cost with Panel Level Monitoring

S-miles Reporting Platform

Dual & Quad Panel Input Technology Provides the Same Micro Inverter Advantages Without the High Price Tag

The Hoymiles HM series of single, dual, and quad solar panel input micro inverters provide a cost effective solution for solar power systems. Users can still enjoy the benefits associated with using micro inverter technology without the high price tag that has typically come with this solution in the past.

Safety is one of the main benefits associated with choosing micro inverters over a string inverter system. String inverter systems require high DC voltages on roof tops, requiring DC isolators that are prone to failing and becoming a potential fire risk.

Micro inverters deal with much lower DC voltages, converting the power from each solar panel to AC power which is much safer. This also means that only AC power is run from the roof to the switch board.

In addition to safety, you will also see better efficiency when partial shading is involved. Because the DC to AC conversion is happening at the solar panel level it doesn’t matter if some of the panels are shaded throughout the day. The overall system efficiency will not drop like it does when string inverter systems are partially shaded.

Furthermore, by installing the S-Miles wireless inverter monitoring system users can also track the performance of individual solar panels. This allows for the identification of a panel that may be faulty, or obstructed by dust or leaves.

Keep Track of Your System Performance with S-Miles Real-Time Monitoring & Reporting

For homeowners, S-Miles Cloud is a powerful way to see how your installation is doing – and tap into as much or as little data as you need.

Looking for overall plant performance? See your monthly and lifetime energy production and the emissions you’ve reduced. Wondering about specific modules? Use live data to see how individual panels are performing.

All in the same comprehensive portal with proactive alerts if components ever need your attention.

  • See your energy production and environmental impact at a glance
  • Monitor production over time and track how your system is performing
  • Visualize your solar panels and compare their performance side-by-side
  • Get proactive alerts if any part of your installation needs your attention
S-Miles Reporting Platform

What You Gain with Hoymiles

Easy to install

Hoymiles micro inverters are built to plug-and-play, ready to get your solar ecosystem up and running sooner.

Adjustable power

Configure your micro inverters to match your installation and solar panel layout.

Highly reliable

Hoymiles micro inverters come with low failure rates and built-in surge protection.

Made for monitoring

The micro inverters include external antenna for stronger communication and more stable monitoring.

High efficiency

With 99.8% MPPT efficiency ratings, more of your panel production is turned into usable energy.

Compliant energy

The micro inverters are CEC (Clean Energy Council) approved.

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Additional information

Input Configuration

Single Input (1 x Solar Panel), Dual Input (2 x Solar Panels)

Rated Output (VA)

300 (Supports 1 x 240-380W Panel), 350 (Supports 1 x 280-440W Panel), 600 (Supports 2 x 240-380W Panels), 700 (Supports 2 x 280-440W Panels)