Smappee Energy – Grid + Solar Connect

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  • Monitor Single-Phase Grid & Solar Power in Real-Time
  • See Which Appliances are Costing you the Most to Run
  • Track & Control up to 20 Appliances by Adding Smappee Switches
  • Track Costs & Revenue with Customisable Tariffs
  • Includes Lifetime Standard Cloud Data License
  • Quickly Installed by an Electrician or Trained Professional
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Smappee Energy provides a user-friendly solution for monitoring real-time power consumption and solar production in homes.

By installing a Smappee Energy households can see usage spike when high consumption appliances are turned on.

By inputting the tariffs from the electricity retailer users can also accurately track usage costs and revenue from solar production.

The all-in-one system can be installed quickly and easily by an electrician or properly trained person. The meter plugs straight into a 240V outlet and the current clamps can be clipped onto the power cables with no need to disconnect any wires.

Once installed users will be able to view their energy data in real-time from the Smappee smartphone app or online dashboard, along with accessing historical data.

With accurate data on how a home interacts with electricity, users can identify ways to optimise use of solar power and become familiar with the energy guzzling appliances in the household.

Smappee Energy - Connection Diagram

Track Your Electricity in Real-Time, Right From Your Smartphone

Install the Smappee app on your IOS or Android phone and gain access to real-time and historical insights.

The Smartphone app gives users insights into how they interact with energy in their home by calculating consumption, including self-consumption of solar power.

Automations and remote control off appliances can also be added by installing Smappee Switches on appliances or by using the IFTTT platform linked to your Smappee account.

One Smappee Energy location also be shared with other users so a whole household can keep track of what’s happening.

What’s in the box?

1 x Smappee Energy

1 x 100A current clamp

1 x 50A current clamp

Lifetime standard data license

Smappee Energy

Monitor grid & solar energy

Track up to 20 key appliances

* Requires Smappee Switch

See costs over time

Quickly installed by a trained professional

Express shipping Australia wide

Add control with Smappee Switch

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