Smappee EV Wall Solar Optimised EV Charger

$1,982.70$2,923.40 excl. GST

  • Enable Smart Charging to prioritise solar & off-peak power, or choose to only charge from excess solar power
  • Includes home energy monitoring for grid, solar, & the EV charger, expandable to 28 circuits
  • Options for single-phase (240V) & three-phase (415V) supplies
  • Control & keep track of charging sessions from anywhere with your smartphone
  • Architecturally appealing with award winning design including both white & black cover options
  • Includes 3-Year Product Warranty (Extendable to 5-Years)

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Smappee EV Wall

Smart Solar Charging with Home Energy Monitoring

Smappee Dashboard & EV Charging App

Making EV Charging Smart & Sustainable

The Smappee EV Wall electric vehicle charger provides a stylish and very functional solution for EV charging in homes, especially when optimised solar and off-peak charging is needed. The built-in Smappee smart charging capabilities provides optimised self-consumption of solar power, maximum demand limiting, and overload protection.

The Smappee EV Wall is quick to install with a simple cable configuration and installation wizard. There are options available for single-phase and three-phase powered homes. Connect to the charger via a type 2 socket or integrated charging lead.

The expandable Smappee Infinity energy monitoring system included with the charger allows users to receive detailed insights in to the charging process and costs via the Smappee app and o dashboard. Along with other appliances and circuits in their home, by adding additional circuit monitoring.

Complimenting the EV Wall’s award winning design, the EV charger also includes an integrated LED panel to indicate charging status and provide ambient lighting at night.

Charging sessions can be started and stopped with plug & charge, remotely with the app, or using the smart charging feature which optimises solar and off-peak charging.

For commercial charging options see the Smappee EV Wall Business or the dual output Smappee EV Base.

Part of the Smappee Monitoring & Control Ecosystem

With the integrated Smappee Infinity energy management system users can take advantage of the smart charging features including:

Dynamic Load Balancing

Maintains charging levels based on variables including import from grid, solar production, and maximum demand set points.

Optimised Solar Charging

The smart charging function prioritises the use of excess solar power during the day and off-peak rates overnight. The output of the charger can even be controlled so that only excess solar power is used for charging.

Solar Only Charging

In some scenarios, users only want to charge from excess solar power. This can be enabled easily on the smartphone app in the smart charging settings.

  • Smappee App Real-Time Reporting
  • Smappee App Historical Energy Usage
  • Smappee App Smart EV Charging

Charging for Both Single & Three-Phase Applications

The EV Wall includes options for both single-phase (240V) & three-phase (415V) supplies

Single Phase 7.4kW EV Charging

Up to 7.4kW charging for single-phase systems

Up to 22kW charging for three-phase systems

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Additional information

Power Supply

Single-Phase (240V), Three-Phase (415V)

Outlet Type

Socket – Type 2, Plug – Type 2 (2.5m Lead), Plug – Type 2 (8m Lead)