Smappee Gas & Water Monitor

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  • Monitors gas and water consumption.
  • Real-time insights, when combined with a Smappee energy monitor.
  • Alerts about excessive consumption or small leaks.
  • Compatible with most common analog gas & water meters.

Not compatible with digital meters and gas meters with red revolving dials.

Smappee Gas & Water Monitor – How it works

Smappee Gas & Water Monitor Compatibility Check

Smappee Gas and Water Data Sheet.pdf

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Smappee Gas & Water adds detailed data on gas and water consumption to the Smappee Infinity monitoring system.

It’s easy to install via optical or magnetic sensors which are attached to the gas and water meter.

The monitor is compatible with the most common analog gas and water meters. Furthermore, in the case of excessive usage or a small leak, the Smappee App sends an alert.

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