Smappee Infinity Preconfigured System

$649.40$1,721.30 excl. GST
Single-Phase & Three-Phase Power Monitoring Options
Suitable for Residential & Commercial/Industrial Applications
Capable of Monitoring up to 4,000 Amp Circuits
Expandable to Measure up to 28 Circuits per System
Equipment Preinstalled In Weatherproof Enclosure for Quick Install
Split Core Current Clamps or Rogowski Coils for Easy Retrofitting
Gas & Water Meter Interfacing with Input Module
Add Circuit Control & Automations with Output Modules
Add Appliance Control & Power Monitoring with the Switch
Ready to be Installed by a Qualified Electrician


The Smappee Infinity preconfigured energy monitoring systems take the guesswork out of ordering a package to suit your needs. All options include everything needed to get started energy monitoring with the Smappee Infinity system.

These systems can be used for both residential and commercial applications with current monitoring options up to 4,000A. Furthermore, for large sites multiple systems can be installed with all the data made available from the smartphone app and online dashboard.

Choose an option above that suit your application. If needed you can add to it with additional CT Hubs and Current Clamps to monitor up to 28 circuits. Or Input/Output Modules to monitor gas and water or add circuit control and automations.

You can also choose whether you want the equipment pre-installed in a suitable enclosure which is fully weatherproof (IP66) and has a clear lid so that you can monitor the status of the system. If you are planning to add Input or Output Modules, then the large enclosure option is best.

Installation only requires a connection to the included circuit breaker and neutral/earth terminals. Then just clamp on the included current clamps or Rogowski coils to monitor the associated circuits.

Once installed and configured with the Smappee smartphone app on Android or IOS users will be able to see their real-time energy usage and start building historical profiles on the power consumption and production.

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