Smappee Infinity System Builder

The Smappee  Infinity system configuration tool allows you to preconfigure a complete  system to suit your requirements.

Whether you need a single system for energy monitoring in your home, or a multi-gateway system for monitoring loads across a large commercial building. This configuration tool will allow you to build a system to meet your needs.

Feel free to get in touch if you require any assistance configuring your system.


Smappee Infinity System Builder

Build an Infinity system to suit your needs for energy monitoring, control, & cloud reporting

Smappee Infinity System

Smappee Infinity provides a modular energy monitoring and control system that can be utilised as a full energy management system for both homes and businesses.

By installing a Smappee system users can gain actionable insights into their energy usage, allowing them to implement strategies to reduce costs and environmental impact either by changing how and when they use appliances directly or by adding automatic control which is also possible with the system.

Use the configuration tool above to add the components and services you require or get in touch for assistance

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