Smappee Home Energy Monitor (Grid + Solar)

$295.90 incl. GST

Typically installed by a qualified electrician in less than two hours.

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  • Home Power/Solar Monitoring Unit
  • Configured for:
    • Single Phase Grid + Solar Power Monitoring
  • Includes 1 x 100A Current Clamp (Grid) and 1 x 50A Current Clamp (Solar)
  • WiFi Connect for Cloud-Based Energy Monitoring and Reporting
    • Includes 2-year licence (5-year renewal currently $108.00 Incl. GST)
  • Also works with:
    • Smappee Switch (ordered separately)
    • Smappee Gas & Water Monitor (ordered separately)
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Product Description


The Smappee monitor measures the energy consumption of your electrical appliances and loads in your home and the production of your solar panels.

You can view the energy consumption and production of your home in real-time on your smartphone or tablet.

The Smappee app gives you direct insight into your energy consumption and costs.

How it all Works

The Smappee monitor is connected to your home Wi-Fi router, to communicate with the Smappee cloud and the App.

Then, the Smappee monitor is installed near the fuse box. The sensors (current clamps) are connected to particular wires in or near the fuse box so that Smappee can measure the energy consumption of your home.

The Smappee Energy Monitor plugs straight into a 240V AC power outlet or can be connected directly to a suitably sized circuit breaker to power the device and monitor the voltage.

Smappee Energy - Connection Diagram


Real-time and historical energy reporting is available from both the Smappee online dashboard and Smappee smartphone app.

The phone app also allows for control of the Smappee (wireless) Switches, also compatible with this energy monitor, including preset automation. E.g. turn on pool pump when solar export is above 2,000 watts.

Smappee Online Dashboard and iPhone/Android App

Tariff Control

Users can also input their electricity tariffs (water and gas also possible with GW1 monitor) into the smartphone app, allowing for accurate reporting on usage costs and income from exported power.

Smappee App - Tariff Controls



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