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Power Monitoring Solutions

Commercial, Industrial, and OEM Applications

Algodue Elettronica is a manufacturer of advanced power monitoring solutions suited to commercial, industrial and OEM applications.

Based in Italy, they have been operating since 1986. Algodue are leaders in the field of the design, manufacture and customisation of devices for the measurement and monitoring of electricity.

Vista Power Technologies proudly supports the Algodue range of products in Australia as an official distributor.

UEC & UEM Kilowatt Hour (kWh) Meters

Single & Three-Phase Kilowatt Hour Meters

Algodue’s UEC and UEM range of single and three-phase kilowatt-hour (kWh) meters provide a high-quality and cost-competitive solution for real-time power monitoring and accumulative power usage recording where advanced power quality parameters do not need to be measured.

These meters are perfect for both standalone applications or as networked submeters in a BMS or EMS.

The Ethernet connect option includes an integrated web server, meaning users can access real-time and historical usage data via a web browser on the local network or remotely. Configuration software for PC similar to the web-interface is available for RS485 and M-Bus options.

UEM80-2D Web Interface Example

Configurable Features:

  • Current monitoring (bi-directional)
    • Direct connect up to 80A
    • CT connect (1 or 5A)
  • Industrial Communications
    • RS485 - Modbus-RTU
    • Ethernet - Modbus-TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, NTP
    • M-bus
    • Pulse Output
  • Measurement of power factor, active power, and reactive power
  • Up to 8MB of onboard storage for datalogging
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Algodue Digital Power Meters

Digital Power Meters (incl. Power Quality)

The UPM209 and UPM309 range of digital power meters are well suited for applications where advanced energy and power quality data is required. E.g. networked building management systems, energy management systems, energy auditing, etc.

Configurable Features:

  • Din-rail and panel mount options
  • Current monitoring (bi-directional)
    • Direct connect up to 80A (UPM209 only)
    • CT connect (1 or 5A)
    • Rogowski coils (UPM209-RGW & UPM309-RGW)
  • Industrial Communications
    • Modbus-RTU/ASCII over RS-485
    • Modbus-TCP/IP over Ethernet
    • M-bus
    • Pulse Output
  • Measurement of power factor, active power and reactive power
  • Integrated web server for remote monitoring and data download (Ethernet version)
Digital Power Meter - Options & Pricing
Algodue Class A Power Analysers

Power Quality Analysers - Class A

Algodue's Class A power quality analysers PQM3000 and PQM4000 provide a powerful power monitoring solutions for highly advanced measurements of power, power quality, and events.

These high-end power quality analysers are able to monitor the major power quality parameters in compliance to EN 50160. With the ability to detect and store voltage disturbances, frequency variations, variation in inrush current and record data for power quality analysis on flicker, harmonics, interharmonics, and much more.

The features included with these devices are as follows:

  • Continuous monitoring of power quality data:
    • Harmonics and interharmonics.
    • Flicker.
    • Power parameters.
    • Unbalance.
    • Mains signaling components.
  • Voltage inputs for direct connection or through a potential transformer (PT) or voltage transformer (VT).
  • 1/5A current transformer (CT) connect for current measurement.
  • IEC/EN 61000-4-30:2015 Ed.3, Class A certified for measurements of voltage characteristics.
  • Acts as an event or fault recorder, being able to store a large number of voltage events and disturbances, variation of frequency and inrush current, etc.
  • Embedded webserver (complete device management for PQM4000).
  • RTC (real-time clock) synchronisation for accurate time information.
  • Data recording for statistical analysis according to EN 50160, with data recorded in standard PQDIF and CSV file formats.
  • Integrated backup rechargeable battery.
  • Two Ethernet ports (front and rear), one RS485 port (for the PQM3000, this is only for its provided GPS unit), USB port for communication and data transfer.
  • Industrial communications protocols including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, NTP, NMEA, Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU.
  • 4GB+ internal memory for data recording.
  • Digital inputs, digital outputs, and 0-20mA analog outputs.

These power quality analysers are ideal for applications where highly accurate energy and power quality data is an essential requirement. PQM3000 and PQM4000 are typically used to monitor utility power and imported/exported power at the main incomer/s of large commercial and industrial facilities.

Power Quality Analyser - Options & Pricing
Algodue Rogowski Coils

Rogowski Coils

Algodue's MFC150 and MFC190 Rogowski coils are perfect for accurate and safe current measurements in LV and HV AC power monitoring applications.

The MFC150 Rogowski coils are used for current measurement with Algodue's digital power meters (UPM209RGW, UPM309RGW) and are provided with them as a kit.

They can also be used with other third-party devices or combined with Algodue's RPS50 or FCA3000 integrators.

Rogowski coils are particularly useful for retrofit applications on existing switchboards, temporary installations for energy audits, and for monitoring high currents.

A variety of coil lengths and diameters are available, ranging from a length of 30 cm and a ~10 cm diameter to 180 cm in length and ~58 cm in diameter (custom larger sizes are also available).

Key features of the Rogowski coils include:

  • Suitable to measure currents from mA to many kA.
  • High linearity.
  • Wide dynamic range.
  • Very useful with large sized or awkward shaped conductors, or in places with limited access.
  • No danger of opening the secondary winding.
  • Not damaged by large overloads.
  • Totally shielded.
  • Has a Certificate UL Recognized Component Mark UL 61010-1.
  • 1,000V insulation rating.
  • Lightweight.
  • Bayonet style locking connector.
  • Accurate measurement at any position of the conductor inside the coil.
  • Rejection of interference from external magnetic fields caused by nearby conductors.
Rogowski Coil & Integrator - Options & Pricing

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