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Home Energy Monitoring

Home Energy Monitoring and Control

We offer solutions for monitoring the consumption of power in your home or office allowing users to make informed decisions about how they use energy. The Smappee Infinity system allows the monitoring of grid power import/export, indivicual power/lighting circuits, solar production, EV and battery charging along with individual appliance energy usage utilising their patented load identification system.

In addition to electricity users can also monitor real-time and historical Gas and Water consumption with the Smappee GW1 wireless module or the Smappee Input modules.

Control of appliances and circuits is then possible with the Smappee Switch, Smappee Output modules or via integrations with other smart devices allowing for manual and automated control.

Commercial Energy Monitoring

Commercial Energy Monitoring and Control

We have a range of products and solutions for commercial power monitoring applications.

This includes the Algodue Elettronica range of advanced energy monitoring equipment suitable for both small and large commercial facilities, providing detailed energy usage and power quality information. Including kWh Meters, Digital Power Meters, Rogowski Coils/Integrators and Current Transformers. These products are ideal for use in commercial building management and energy management systems.

The Smappee Infinity system also provides a unique, modular solution for networked energy monitoring systems providing both the hardware and software required for a full energy management system. The Smappee Infinity offers the perfect solution for power metering including real time and historical usage reporting per section J8.3 in the 2019 National Construction Codes. This modular metering solution can also be utilised with third party energy management systems utilising either Modbus-RTU or Modbus-TCP/IP communications.