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Home Energy Monitoring and Control Solutions

We offer an advanced solution for monitoring the consumption of power in your home allowing homeowners to make informed decisions about how they use energy.

The Smappee Infinity system allows the monitoring of grid power import/export, solar production, EV and battery charging along with individual appliance energy usage utilising their patented system.

There is the option to control loads with the Smappee switch providing a level of home automation.

Monitoring of Gas and Water is also possible with the GW1 addon module.

Commercial Energy Monitoring and Control Solutions

We have a range of products and solutions for commercial power monitoring applications.

This includes the Algodue Elettronica range of advanced energy monitoring equipment suitable for both small and large commercial facilities, providing detailed energy usage and power quality information. These products are ideal for use in commercial building management and energy management systems.

The Smappee Infinity system also provides a unique, modular solution to networked energy monitoring systems providing both the hardware and software required for a full energy management system. The Smappee Infinity offers the perfect solution for meeting the 2019 National Construction Codes Section J8.3 requirements.


We have a range of solutions available for all AC power monitoring needs including domestic/residential, solar/renewable energy, commercial/HVAC, industrial and OEM applications.


Many of these devices can also provide advanced measurements including harmonic distortion, power factor, fault/event recording, flicker and earth leakage. In addition to providing common measurement values such as voltage, current, power, etc.


Communications are not a problem with integrated digital and analogue outputs, M-Bus, RS-485 Modbus-RTU & Ethernet Modbus-TCP communications. Some models also have Wi-Fi and webserver capabilities.