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Algodue Rogowski Coils & Integrators

Vista Power Technologies can provide a range of Rogowski coils including associated integrators and meters for accurate and safe current measurement in LV and HV, AC applications.

Algodue Rogowski Coils

Rogowski coils provide an advanced method for current measurement that has many benifits when compared to traditional current transformers. These include a safe millivolt output for current measurement, a wide 0.1A-20kA sensing range, much more compact and include a clip-around function meaning no disconnection of the conductor is required. They are also highly accurate when combined with the correct integrator device.

Along with the Rogowski coils we can also provide a range of integrators and digital power meters which allow the Rogowski coils to be used for current monitoring and power quality analysis in both single and three phase (multi-phase) applications.

As an official distributor for the Algodue range of power monitoring products we can offer the following MFC150 and MFC190 Rogowski coils, RPS50 and FCA3000 integrators, and UPM209RGW and UPM309RGW power quality analysers.

Device Features

Our Rogowski coils and integrators provide following key features:

  • Rogowski Coils
    • Suitable to measure currents from mA to many kA
    • High linearity
    • Wide dynamic range
    • Very useful with large sized or awkward shaped conductors or in places with limited access
    • No danger from open-circuited secondary
    • Not damaged by large overloads
    • Totally shielded
  • Integrators
    • Up to three true RMS DC outputs
    • 0÷20 mA, 4÷20 mA or 0÷10 VDC output
    • Equalization and 90° shifting of the Rogowski coil signal
    • Suitable for single phase and three phase applications
    • Customizable full scale up to hundreds kA


Our Rogowski coils and integrators can cover a wide range of industrial current monitoring applications where advanced measurement across a wide current range is required including standalone and/or networked installations.

Applications for these devices include:

  • Measuring devices, lab instrumentation
  • Power monitoring & control systems
  • Harmonics and transients monitoring
  • DC ripple measurement
  • Welding machine control
  • High current measurement

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