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Smappee (Home) Energy Monitor

A plug & play home energy monitoring solution

Visualise your energy usage & identify ways to save

By installing a Smappee (Home) Energy Monitor, households can see the power they are consuming (and producing) in real-time, allowing for informed actions to be taken to reduce their energy costs.

The Smappee (Home) Energy Monitor is a low cost power monitoring device that can be installed quickly and easily by a qualified electrician. The unit connects to the household's Wi-Fi network allowing users to view their import/export, consumption and solar production in real-time.

The Smappee (Home) Energy Monitor helps households lower their energy bills

The Smappee Home Energy Monitor provides an affordable way for households to monitor their power consumption and solar production in realtime via the Smappee smartphone app or online dashboard. Even offering the ability to monitor and control individual appliances.

By installing a Smappee system households can gain actionable insights into their energy usage, allowing them to implement strategies to reduce costs and environmental impact either by changing how and when they use appliances directly or by adding automatic control which is possible with the Smappee Switch.

Smappee Home Energy Monitor


By installing the Smappee Home Energy Monitor in your home you can fully monitor your energy consumption down to the appliance level, providing valuable insights into your energy use and how you can potentially reduce costs. This includes the ability to monitor Gas and Water consumption, including leak detection.

The system can monitor both power consumption and production making it perfect for monitoring solar systems including power imported and exported.

Further to energy monitoring, there is also the possibility to control appliances with the Smappee Switch offering manual and/or automated control via the smartphone app.

Smappee Online Dashboard & Smart Phone App


The Smappee Home Energy Monitor collects real-time and historical power usage and production data right down to the appliance level.

By combining traditional submetering clamps, the Smappee Switch, and patented appliance recognition technology, Smappee offers the most complete and comprehensive set of submetering options available on the market.

Monitoring and reporting are provided via the Smappee Online Dashboard, Smappee Smart Phone/Tablet App.

Smappee Smartphone App

Smappee Online Dashboard

Two Types Of Power Monitoring

Direct Monitoring With Current Clamps

The main method for capturing power usage and production with the Smappee Home Energy Monitor is with the use of current clamps (up to 200A). These can be added to the main incoming circuit and to the solar inverter output in the switchboard.

Smappee Current Clamp

Smappee Switch

Whilst allowing for wireless control of appliances on the network, the Smappee Switch also has the ability to measure consumption of the controlled appliance and feed the data wirelessly to the Smappee Energy Monitor. With a wireless range of up to 20 meters and the ability to create a mesh network, users can add up to 20 Smappee Switches to a system.

Smappee Switch (Wireless)

Gas and Water Monitoring (Incl. Leak Detection)

It is also possible to monitor Gas and Water consumption at home by utilising the Smappee Gas & Water monitor (wireless).

This can be achieved by installing a magnetic or photoelectric sensor attached to Smappee's wireless Gas & Water monitor unit.

Smappee Gas and Water Monitor

Appliance and Load Control

In addition to energy monitoring, there is also the option to install the Smappee Switch for appliance and lighting control.

Control is managed via the Smappee smartphone/tablet app with the ability to switch appliances and loads manually, or automatically using the scenes function.

Smappee App

If This Then That (IFTTT) Automation

One of the most exciting features that Smappee offers is the ability to work with other apps and smart devices using the If This Then That (IFTTT) platform.

IFTTT allows users to create rules and associated actions based on different scenarios associated with smart devices and applications. For example, you could create a rule that IF Smappee reports solar production greater than 3kW Then set the temperature in your home down by 2ьз╕C with your Sensibo smart AC controller/thermostat.

The options for different automated rules using the IFTTT platform are almost endless with more applications and smart devices being added constantly.

If This Then That (IFTTT) Banner

Reduce Energy Costs & Add Value to your Home

By providing insights into the way you consume and produce energy, along with the possibility for smart control of appliances to reduce energy costs, a Smappee Home Energy Monitor can pay for itself quickly, also adding value to your home.

Whether you only need to monitor your power or need complete monitoring and control, Smappee can provide the perfect solution.

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