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Smappee Infinity Energy Management System


Smappee Infinity is a modular energy monitoring and control system that can be utilised as an energy management system for both small-scale residential applications and large-scale commercial applications.

The system can monitor both power usage and production making it perfect for monitoring solar production and power import/export. Furthermore, by using Smappee’s patented appliance recognition technology, individual appliances can be monitored from a single point of measurement.

Smappee System Overview


Smappee Infinity collects real-time and historical power usage and production data (down to the appliance level), resulting in actionable insights into your energy usage.

By combining traditional submetering clamps, the Smappee Switch and patented appliance recognition technology, Smappee offers the most complete and comprehensive set of submetering options available on the market.

Smappee Data Visualisation


In addition to energy monitoring, there is also the option to install the Smappee switch for appliance and lighting control via the app and automatically using the scenes function.

Smappee App

Modular Design

We know every customer is different. Smappee have developed the Infinity system with flexibility in mind. This means you can pick and choose the features and services you need in order to deliver a solution tailored to your needs.

Do you need more control, data or services over time? No problem! Thanks to the modularity of Smappee Infinity, you can always build on the existing solution to meet your updated needs.

Smappee Infinity Setup

Main Device Details

Smappee Genius

Smappee Genius

The Genius is the gateway between the monitoring system and the Smappee Cloud, ensuring secure data storage from different components. It also interacts with third party components, Smappee Gas & Water and Smappee Switch. Thanks to these various options, Smappee Genius allows Smappee Infinity to take on the role of a Home or Building Energy Management System (HEMS & BMS) and guarantee optimized self-consumption.

Smappee Power Box

Smappee Power Box

The Power Box is the heart of the monitoring system as it provides power to all components. It measures the line voltage of the different connected phases and transfers the data via the Smappee Bus.

Smappee CT Hub

Smappee CT Hub

The CT Hub is the main component of the monitoring system. You can connect up to 4 CTs or Rogowski coils to the CT Hub to measure different currents, ranging from 50A to 1000A. This allows for accurate submetering of (a group of) appliances. Daisy chain up to 7 CT Hubs to measure different installations up to a distance of 328 Feet.

Smappee Solid Core 3⌀ CT Module

Smappee CT Hub

The solid core 3⌀ CT module connects the same way as the CT hub but allows for direct current measurement by passing the conductor through the 10mm diameter hole. This device allows you to connect up to three phase loads which is ideal for distributed monitoring of three phase distribution boards in commercial buildings across up to a 100m span.

Smappee Switch

Smappee Switch

The Smappee Switch allows you to control connected appliances and lighting circuits via the Smappee Android/iPhone App, including turning your devices on or off remotely. This device also allows for some home automation, with the ability to program certain loads are through the scenes function in the app.

Additionally, if there is a peak in your solar energy production, for instance, the Switch can assign this extra power to controllable loads like a water heater, EV charger, etc.

The app is not required to operate the switch though, if you are right next it then all you need to do is tap it.

Smappee Gas & Water

Smappee Gas & Water

The Smappee Gas & Water monitor is a wireless device that allows you to monitor your gas and water consumption via optical or magnetic sensors included with the unit.

Once connected you can view your gas and/or water consumption via the app, receive alerts about abnormal consumption or leaks and save on your gas and water bills.


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