UEC/UEM Three Phase kWh Meters

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  • Direct connection up to 80 A
  • Fully bi-directional 4-quadrant measurements for all energies and powers
  • For 4 wire networks with balanced or unbalanced load
  • Available with either no comms, Modbus-RTU/ASCII, M-Bus or Modbus-TCP (Ethernet)
  • Class B according to EN 50470-3
  • 8 MB for data recording and automatic/manual data transferring (Ethernet only)
  • S0 output for energy pulse emission
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Product Description

General Features

4 DIN modules energy meter for the energy measurement in industrial, commercial and residential applications, with the following built-in communication, according to the model: RS485 Modbus-RTU/ASCII, M-Bus or Ethernet Modbus-TCP.

Besides the energy, the meter can measure the main electrical parameters and makes them available on the built-in COM port. The LCD display shows the energies and the instantaneous powers. The COM port allows to manage the connected meter by a remote station. Data is transmitted on a RS485, M-Bus or Ethernet line according to the device model. Moreover, a dedicated application for remote management is provided:

  • Modbus Master software > for energy meter management by PC in RS485 Modbus or Ethernet network.
  • M-Bus Master software > for energy meter management by PC in M-Bus network.
  • Web server > built-in interface for energy meter management by PC in Ethernet network. Moreover, it allows to enable a data recording and a manual or automatic data transferring. In case of automatic transferring, data is sent to a remote server at the set time schedule.

The meter is built according to EN 50470-1 standard. The active energy is compliant to IEC/EN 62053-21 class 1, but for MID certified device it moreover fulfills class B requirements according to EN 50470-3. The accuracy of reactive energy is compliant to IEC/EN 62053-23 class 2.

Wide backlighted LCD display with clear graphic symbols comprehensible at a glance. Metrological LED on front panel and seal-able terminal covers. The analysis of the MTBF values, the accurate selection of components and the reduction of the internal working temperatures together with strict production and control standards guarantee a product with an excellent quality and
a long lasting reliability.


  • Remote management through dedicated application/interface according to the device model (RS485 Modbus, M-Bus, Ethernet).
  • Up to 30 instantaneous measurements, complete set of energy counters and partial counters. Moreover partial counters can be started, stopped or reset.
  • Phase sequence and diagnostic function for error signalling in case of wrong polarity connection.


  • Totaling of the electric energy in the industry for each single line or machine.
  • Measurement of energy generated by renewable sources such as solar, eolic, etc.
  • Accounting and billing of consumption in camp sites, malls, residential areas, naval ports, etc.
  • Totaling of the electric consumption in hotels, congress centers, exhibition fairs.
  • Accounting of the consumption in buildings with executive office services.
  • Internal allocation of the consumption in multi tenant residential and industrial buildings.
  • Realization of energy monitoring systems.
  • Remote survey of the consumption and computation of the costs.