Smappee Genius Gateway

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  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and 4G USB dongle internet connectivity
  • 48 hours of backup data storage
  • Non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM)
  • Circuit and appliance control
  • Gas/Water monitoring
  • Integrated MQTT broker
  • Integrates with VARTA battery storage systems (Pulse series)
  • Works with other IoT devices
  • Allows for control of circuits and appliances using the IFTTT platform
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The Smappee Genius gateway provides the cloud interface between the local Infinity system including the Power Box and associated power monitoring, Input/Output modules, and wireless devices including the Switch and Gas/Water monitor. This in turn allows for data transfer to the Smappee cloud, to then provide reporting on historical and real-time energy usage (and production) via the Smappee online dashboard and the Smappee smartphone app.

For installations including solar production, the Smappee reporting platform will provide feedback on imported and exported power, solar power produced, along with calculating total consumption. The system allows for up to 28 current monitoring points plus up to 20 wireless switches (that also provide energy monitoring) meaning users can also sub monitor circuits and even individual appliances.

Furthermore, the Genius gateway supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and a 3G/4G USB dongle for connection to the Internet.

In the case of a network outage or loss of an active Internet connection, the Genius device will store data locally for up to 48 hours.

The Smappee Genius communicates and interacts with other devices including the Smappee Gas & Water, Smappee Switch, and third-party components. Thanks to these various options, the Genius allows Smappee Infinity to take on the role of an Energy Management System (EMS) and guarantee optimised energy use and self-consumption of solar production.

The Smappee Infinity system provides a revolutionary solution for energy management in both homes and businesses. Essential for users with solar production or high energy-consuming devices, allowing them to maximise savings and revenue generated.

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