MFC190 Flexible Rogowski Coils (12mm)

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MFC190 is a flexible current transducer based on the Rogowski principle, particularly suitable for measurement in combination with portable devices. MFC190 coils are available in different sizes and can be supplied according to custom design requirements.

Rogowski coils are perfect for use in applications where traditional transducers may not be able to fit due to its size and weight.

MFC190 coil is provided with a shield against the influence of external magnetic fields, therefore it grants a stable measurement from low currents to many kA.

The Rogowski coils must be connected to an electronic integrator for 90° phase shift compensation and frequency equalization. The Algodue RPS50 and FCA3000 can be utilised for this purpose.

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Weight0.5 g
Coil Length/Diameter (cm)

30/10, 35/12, 60/20, 90/29, 120/39, 180/58