RPS51 Rogowski Coil Integrator 0-1A Full Scale Output

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  • Used with power meters that accept 0-1A or 0-5A current inputs
  • Works with the Algodue MFC140 & MFC150 Rogowski coils
  • Four selectable scale values incl. 100A, 500A, 1kA, & 5kA
  • 85-265V AC powered (no need for DC power supply)
  • Compact device with DIN rail mounting



RPS51 is a multiscale Rogowski coil integrator, in a compact DIN rail enclosure, powered directly from the mains (240V AC). An integrator is essential to equalize and shift the output signal from the Rogowski coils by 90°. It consists of an active electronic circuit with negligible offset and a excellent linearity. RPS51 can be combined with any model and size of MFC140 and MFC150 series Rogowski coil.
The integrator is provided with a push button for an easy scale selection. Up to four input scales are available: 100A, 500A, 1kA, and 5kA. This provides a wide range of applications with a single coil and RPS51.
RPS51 and a Rogowski current transducer is a very flexible solution, suitable for high power load analysis, impulsive current monitoring, DC ripple measurement, etc. An ideal solution for any standard 1A or 5A input power measuring device.
Due to its specific features, flexible Rogowski coil is an extremely versatile solution for current measurement and can be used in cases where traditional current transformers are too bulky, expensive, or not able to fit (multiple conductors).

Technical Features

Voltage range:85 … 265 V AC
Consumption:10 VA, 20 VA max in overload
Safety:300 V CAT III
Input:100 mV / kA @ 50 Hz (RMS values) MFC150/MFC140 Rogowski coil
AC output:1 A RMS
Crest factor:2
Selectable scales:100 / 1 A
500 / 1 A
1000 / 1 A
5000 / 1 A
Bandwidth:40 – 3200 Hz
Phase error:< 0.1° with 40 … 150 Hz range
< 1° with 150 … 1000 Hz range
< 2° with 1000 … 3200 Hz range
Operating temperature:-25 … +55°C
Storage temperature:-25 … +70°C
Relative humidity:0 … 80%
Material:Plastic enclosure
Protection degree:IP20
Size:115x100x23 mm
Weight:Approx. 117 g
Installation and use:Indoor
Safety:EN / IEC 61010-1
EMC:EN / IEC 61326-1

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Rogowski Coil Configuration

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