Smappee EV Wall Electric Vehicle Charging Station

$1,879.00$2,899.00 excl. GST

  • Prioritise solar & off-peak power, or only charge from excess solar power
  • Includes full home power monitoring for grid, solar, & the EV charger (expandable)
  • Single-phase (240V) & three-phase (415V) options available
  • Manage charging sessions from anywhere with your smartphone
  • Award winning minimalistic design suits all home styles
  • Includes 3-Year product warranty
  • Aluminium enclosure provides superior heat dissipation (important for Australian conditions)

Frequently Ordered with Type 2 Socket Version

EV Charging Cable (22kW) - Type 2 - Three-Phase 32A - 5m - Heavy Duty

  • Capable of up to 22kW charging (dependent on the Make and Model of the EV)
  • Includes Type 2 charging station socket connector and Type 2 EV charging port connector.
  • Three-phase, 32A.
  • 5m cable length.
  • Up to 120km per hour of charging capacity. 
  • IP54 Weatherproof.

Smappee EV Charging Cable Holder

  • Smappee EV Wall charging cable holder.
  • Wall or post mount.
  • Powder coated steel design.
  • Includes 2 x mounting screws.


Smappee EV Wall

Smart Solar Charging with Home Energy Monitoring

Smappee Dashboard & EV Charging App

Making EV Charging Smart & Sustainable

The Smappee EV Wall electric vehicle charger provides a stylish and very functional solution for EV charging in homes, especially when optimised solar and off-peak charging is needed. The built-in Smappee smart charging capabilities provides optimised self-consumption of solar power, maximum demand limiting, and overload protection.

The Smappee EV Wall is quick to install with a simple cable configuration and installation wizard. There are options available for single-phase and three-phase powered homes. Connect to the charger via a type 2 socket or integrated charging lead.

The expandable Smappee Infinity energy monitoring system included with the charger allows users to receive detailed insights in to the charging process and costs via the Smappee app and o dashboard. Along with other appliances and circuits in their home, by adding additional circuit monitoring.

Complimenting the EV Wall’s award winning design, the EV charger also includes an integrated LED panel to indicate charging status and provide ambient lighting at night.

Charging sessions can be started and stopped with plug & charge, remotely with the app, or using the smart charging feature which optimises solar and off-peak charging.

For commercial charging options see the Smappee EV Wall Business or the dual output Smappee EV Base.

Part of the Smappee Monitoring & Control Ecosystem

Overload Protection and Dynamic Load Balancing

Varies the charging output dynamically based on different variables:

  • Import from grid – will not allow EV charging plus household load to exceed maximum current set point. Typically 63A single-phase and 50A three-phase in most residential properties.
  • Surplus solar production – the EV Wall will vary the load to exactly how much excess solar power there is available maximising self consumption and savings from solar.

Smappee’s Smart Charging Settings

The smart charging feature provides a set and forget solution for EV charging. Allowing users to choose from three different methods of charging their vehicle:

  • Surplus only – pretty self explanatory. The EV Wall will charge from excess solar power and nothing else.
  • Schedules and surplus – users set how much charge they want to put into their electric vehicle by a certain time. E.g., 100km of charge added on weekdays by 7am. This will prioritise the use of excess solar power during the day and then off-peak rates overnight by tracking solar product and the different electricity tariffs added in the Smappee app. With schedules and surplus enabled, the EV Wall will continue charging past the set point if excess solar is available.
  • Schedules only – same as schedules plus surplus. However, this option won’t continue charging if excess solar becomes available. It will stick to the programmed amount of charge that needs to be added each day.
  • Smappee App Real-Time Reporting
  • Smappee App Historical Energy Usage
  • Smappee App Smart EV Charging

Charging for Both Single & Three-Phase Homes

The EV Wall includes options for both single-phase (240V) & three-phase (415V) supplies

Single Phase 7.4kW EV Charging

Up to 7.4kW charging for single-phase systems

Up to 22kW charging for three-phase systems

Example Installation Video

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Single-Phase (240V), Single-Phase Grid | Single-Phase Solar, Three-Phase (415V), Three-Phase Grid | Single-Phase Solar, Three-Phase Grid | Three-Phase Solar

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Socket – Type 2, Plug – Type 2 (8m Lead)