Smappee EV Wall Single Phase 7.4kW EV Charger with Type 2 Socket

Smappee EV Wall

Smappee EV Wall

Out of the Box Optimised Charging with Solar Power & Off-Peak Rates

Smappee EV Wall

Advantages of Charging with the EV Wall

The Smappee EV Wall provides a elegant, intelligent, and efficient solution for electric vehicle charging in homes and businesses requiring a single output charger.

By installing the Smappee EV Wall, users are able to enjoy the following features:

Options for single-phase ( 1 x 3.7kW) and three-phase (1 x 22kW) applications
Optimised charging control prioritising solar power & off-peak rates
Integrated Smappee Infinity system for power monitoring, smart charging, and overload protection
Dynamic load balancing for multiple chargers on the same supply circuit
Provides ambient lighting and visual charge status indication
Smappee EV Wall Single Phase 7.4kW EV Charger with 2.5 Meter Type 2 LeadSmappee EV Wall Single Phase 7.4kW EV Charger with Type 2 Socket
Data Sheet - EV Wall
Installation Manual - EV Wall
Data Sheet - EV Wall Business
Installation Manual - EV Wall Business

Charging for Both Single & Three-Phase Applications

The EV Wall works with both single-phase and three-phase power.


1 x 7.4kW

Up to 7.4kW output for single-phase charging

(32A @ 240V AC per connector)


1 x 22kW

Up to 22kW output for three-phase charging

(32A @ 415V AC per connector)

Advanced Reporting via Smappee Online Dashboard & App

The Smappee EV Wall electric vehicle chargers can be monitored and controlled using the Smappee online dashboard and smartphone app.

Keep track of one, or many chargers, even across multiple homes or businesses
Control the state and output of chargers from anywhere with internet access
View historical consumption data
Track charges when using the Smappee billing and payment platform
Smappee EV Charger Dashboard & App

Part of the Smappee Monitoring & Control Ecosystem

Includes Dynamic Load Balancing & Smart Charging

The EV Wall comes with the ability to monitor the grid, solar, plus the EV charger circuit so you can track consumption along with adding some smarts to your charging sessions.

You can even expand the system to monitor all of the circuits in you home by adding additional current clamps.

For single phase homes just install the included current clamps onto the relevant cables to access monitoring and smart charging.

For three-phase homes you might need some additional CTs to monitor grid and solar.

Dynamic Load Balancing

When you install the EV Wall you set the maximum import from the grid, the integrated smarts will adjust the output of the charger to protect your home from overload.

Smart EV Charging

The smart charging function prioritises the use of excess solar power during the day and off-peak rates overnight so that you charge your vehicle at the lowest cost possible. Just add your time of use tariffs, set your desired charge level, and the time it needs to be charged by.

Optimised Self-Sufficiency using Smart Monitoring & Control

Charge with Excess Solar Power During the Day & Off-Peak Rates Overnight

The EV Wall comes with an integrated Smappee Infinity system allowing users to enable the smart charging function which prioritises the use of excess solar power during the day and off-peak rates overnight.

The output of the charger is dynamically controlled so that only excess solar power is used for charging during the day. The charger then waits until off-peak rates to top up the charger to the desired level.

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