Smappee EV Wall Home – Smart EV Charger

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  • Rated No. 1 by Clean Energy Reviews for Best Smart Electric Vehicle Chargers
  • Prioritise solar power & off-peak rate charging, or choose solar excess only
  • Overload protection with dynamic load balancing
  • Manage charging sessions from anywhere with your smartphone
  • Home battery prioritisation (enable export buffer to prevent home battery discharge)
  • Award winning minimalistic design suits all home styles
  • Powder coated steel and aluminium enclosure provides superior heat dissipation
  • Connect to Home Assistant with free to use (personal use) Smappee API

Frequently Bought Together

Smappee EV Wall Three-Phase Solar Monitoring Add On

Kit including 1 x CT Hub + 2 x 50A split core CTs for three-phase solar monitoring with the three-phase EV Wall

Smappee EV Charging Cable Holder

  • Smappee EV Wall charging cable holder.
  • Wall or post mount.
  • Powder coated steel design.
  • Includes 2 x mounting screws.


Vista Power Technologies
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Sam is very knowledgable and very helpful with any information you need to know. The Smappee products are very high quality and easy to work with. We would recommend Vista Power Technologies to anyone.
Sam at VPT has helped sort out a minor installation problem I had - he was super keen, friendly and knowledgeable and fixed the problem in no time... a great experience.
Great, full featured product and excellent service. Fast replies to emails and quick to reconfigure firmware as required for my Smappee installation. Thoroughly recommended!
Had an issue with the Smappee smart charger not charging. Rang up Vista and spoke to Sam on. Saturday and he figured out the configuration issue and fixed it remotely. Thanks for such great service!
Response from the owner: Really appreciate the positive feedback Mike. Glad we were able to sort things out for you. Thanks for choosing Smappee for your home EV charging 😃
Sam from VPT is extremly knowledgable when it comes to EV charging products and solutions for residential and commercial applications. The customer service and high quality products supplied by Vist Power Technologies are excellent, the after sales support for both installer and customer is amazing, this is a great company to deal with and they can ship to all states within Australia.
Response from the owner: Hi Zubin, thank you so much for the positive review. Really appreciate your kind words!
Sam at VPT was excellent in helping me select an appropriate EV wall charger for my property. Once ordered the Smappee EV wall arrived within 1 working day.Sam has been an excellent communicator and has assisted me in working through some configuration questions on my unit and is super quick to come back with clear answers and excellent support.Highly recommend the team at VPT.
Response from the owner: Really appreciate the positive feedback Karl. Thanks for running with the Smappee EV Wall and stoked to hear you were happy with our support 🙏
I purchased a Smappee charger from them and I'm extremely happy. Initially, after getting the quote, I was bit apprehensive about their sparky, but Sam was happy to work directly with my electrician and I'm extremely happy with both (the company's support and the product).
Response from the owner: Hi MK, thank you for the kind feedback and glad we were able to get everything sorted for you with your preferred electrician
they guided me through to all of my newbie questions and the EV wall is simply the best charger I could have got.
Response from the owner: Hi Pablo, thank you for your kind words. We're glad you're happy with your new Smappee EV Wall!
Used VPT to purchase and install a Smappee EV charger. Very knowledgeable and gave some excellent advice. They arranged the installation which was quick and well done. Highly recommended!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for the positive feedback Kim. It was a pleasure assisting you with your Smappee EV Wall 🙂
Installed Smappee system for my car. Good advice and very happy with result. Some hiccups but Sam was available and fixed quickly over the phone 😁
Response from the owner: Thanks choosing the Smappee EV Wall, and for the positive feedback Charles. Glad we were able to get everything fixed up for you over the phone.
Sam at VPT has been so helpful with our large scale Smappee install. He’s been available every step of the way to assist with all of my varying questions! Highly recommended.
Response from the owner: Thanks for lovely review Meiche. It was great supporting you with this Smappee Infinity project!
Thanks Sam for great phone support, you held on while I fumbled and finally got it working.
Response from the owner: Thanks Will, glad we were able to help 🙂
After getting the run-around from several EV charger suppliers, I’m glad I found Vista Power Technologies. They supplied a Smappee EV charger which was promptly installed. Sam has been very helpful, especially helping to solve an issue regarding the interface to our existing solar system. I would totally recommend them.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your feedback Stephen, it was a pleasure working with you!
Excellent service and products from the team at Vista Power Technologies.These guys are at the forefront of home energy management. Sam was super helpful, with high level industry knowledge and was happy to discuss and make suggestions to future proof our property in the installation of our Smappee EV Wall unit.Going above and beyond, Sam also built a mounting post for the unit at a reasonable price and in good time.Totally recommended.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the incredibly kind words Brent! Glad to hear the Smappee EV Wall is going well
Vista Power Technologies are a first class supplier of EV technology. We deal with Sam and the team anytime we require a bespoke solution for EV charging, solar and renewable integration, and dynamic load management. Communication is always clear and the guys are always available for tech support. Great company to work with. Highly recommended.
Response from the owner: Thanks Henry. Really appreciate the positive feedback!
Vista Power Technologies great company to deal with.Very professional with great Customer Service, Very Knowledgeable and provided excellent advice.As well as Great products with all documentation in one place.Fast shipping. Great Experience.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the positive feedback Graeme 🙂
We encountered a slight hiccup with the Smappee EV charger, Sam was able to remotely run through with the installers and got the problem fixed. Highly recommended!
Response from the owner: Hi Terry, thank you for the positive review. Glad we were able to get it all working properly with some troubleshooting. We trust you're now putting your excess solar power to good use with the Surplus only smart charging setting. 😊
Fantastic sales and technical support; Sam personally guided me through the design requirements, reaching a configuration that suited my metering exigency!
Response from the owner: Thanks for the positive review Jack. Really appreciate it and we're glad you were happy with the service provided 🙂
Vista Power made purchasing and installing a Smappee device a breeze. Sam from VPT is very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to assist me. Would recommend!
Response from the owner: Thanks Tim, we really appreciate the positive feedback!
Sam from VPT is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. He took the time to understand what i was trying to do and advice on how i should approach and the modules that i should be using.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the positive feedback Shawn 😊
Bought a Smappee from Vista. They were very helpful and we're really happy with the energy monitor and the information it provides. All around great service and experience
Response from the owner: Thanks for the positive review Lance. We're glad to hear you're happy with your Smappee system
Sam at VPT was extremely helpful in providing technical data about the smappee product range which I was considering for power monitoring application. I purchased the system and it was a breeze to install and setup and now I have real-time power data to evaluate the size of solar installation required for my property
Response from the owner: Thanks for the positive review Eric. Glad to hear you're happy with the Smappee system
Vista Power Technologies knows all about Energy Monitoring & Control. I purchased the Smappee Energy Monitor with the Cloud Monitoring option and can only speak highly of them from my experience. They will help you choose the right solution for your project and figure out the best way to maximise your energy usage in a home environment or in a commercial environment. Their pricing is very reasonable.A big A+ for Sam who help me with my solution and provided great customer service, advice and a willingness to help achieve the outcome I wanted. Their after sales support is also top-notch.
Response from the owner: Thanks Matthew, really appreciate your positive words and we're glad you're happy with everything!
We've installed Smappee in our home and are enjoying being able to learn more about our electricity use and how much solar is saving us. Vista Power were super helpful. I definitely recommend them as they definitely look after you and your needs.
Response from the owner: Thanks Trish, we really appreciate the positive feedback and are glad you are enjoying your new Smappee system

Smappee EV Wall Home – Smart EV Charger

The Worlds Smartest Solution for Solar Optimised Charging

Making EV Charging Smart & Sustainable

The Smappee EV Wall electric vehicle charger provides a stylish and very functional solution for EV charging in homes, especially when optimised solar and off-peak charging is needed. The built-in Smappee smart charging capabilities provides optimised self-consumption of solar power, maximum demand limiting, and overload protection.

The Smappee EV Wall is quick to install with a simple cable configuration and installation wizard. There are options available for single-phase and three-phase powered homes. Connect to the charger via a type 2 socket or integrated charging lead.

The expandable Smappee Infinity energy monitoring system included with the charger allows users to receive detailed insights in to the charging process and costs via the Smappee app and o dashboard. Along with other appliances and circuits in their home, by adding additional circuit monitoring.

Complimenting the EV Wall’s award winning design, the EV charger also includes an integrated LED panel to indicate charging status and provide ambient lighting at night.

Charging sessions can be started and stopped with plug & charge, remotely with the app, or using the smart charging feature which optimises solar and off-peak charging.

For commercial charging options see the Smappee EV Wall Business or the dual output Smappee EV Base.

Part of the Smappee Monitoring & Control Ecosystem

Overload Protection and Dynamic Load Balancing

The EV Wall monitors the power being imported from the grid and solar production allowing it to vary the charging output dynamically. This feature allows users to add an overload set point, for example, 63A for a typical single-phase home. Smappee will then ensure this limit is never reached by controlling the output of the EV charging station.

Furthermore, this same functionality also allows the use of only excess solar power, by varying the output of the EV Wall to only consume excess solar power.

Smappee’s Smart Charging Settings

The smart charging feature provides a set and forget solution for EV charging. In addition to standard charging where users can just plug and charge at their selected speed (1.2-22kW), EV owners can also choose from three different smart methods of charging their vehicle.

This includes:

Surplus Only – Pretty self explanatory. The EV Wall will charge from excess solar power and nothing else. Home battery integration is also available by setting the solar inverter to hybrid in the app, charging the home battery first and ensuring the electric vehicle does not drain the stored power in the evening.

Schedules and Surplus – Users set how much charge they want to put into their electric vehicle by a certain time. E.g., 100km of charge added on weekdays by 7am. This will prioritise the use of excess solar power during the day and then off-peak rates overnight by tracking solar product and the different electricity tariffs added in the Smappee app. With schedules and surplus enabled, the EV Wall will continue charging past the set point if excess solar is available.

Schedules Only – Same as schedules plus surplus. However, this option won’t continue charging if excess solar becomes available. It will stick to the programmed amount of charge that needs to be added each day.

  • Smappee App Real-Time Reporting
  • Smappee App Historical Energy Usage
  • Smappee App Smart EV Charging

Charging for Both Single & Three-Phase Homes

The EV Wall includes options for both single-phase (240V) & three-phase (415V) supplies

Single Phase 7.4kW EV Charging
Up to 7.4kW charging for single-phase systems
Up to 22kW charging for three-phase systems

Example Installation Video

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  1. D

    Charger looks great and works perfectly. The app is easy to use too

    Image #1 from Dean
  2. Excellent, responsive service.

  3. Really delighted to have selected the Smappee EV charger from Vista Power Technologies (VPT). I had researched what was available on the Australian market and finally resolved to invest a little more for the construction and features available with this unit. Aesthetically the unit offers a contemporary design that aligned well with the architecture of the install location. However the functionality of the unit is what really separates Smappee from the crowd. The power monitoring and charge cost optimisation functions are brilliant. The web based Dashboard and SmartPhone app are also really intuitive and well thought out. The RFID NFC based charge authorisation control works well and provides a great framework for reporting on charge cost profiling per vehicle. Installation and setup procedures were well documented and straight forward which are also supported through an online installation video. Sam at VPT was also very helpful and generous with his time when I originally called to discuss the full feature set of the Smappee solution. Online ordering and delivery were hassle and issue free, with the unit arriving essentially the next business day. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the Smappee solution from VPT and have done so already with a number of my friends and associates.

    Image #1 from Laurence Coote
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  4. A deceptively simple exterior hides a complex system that generates multiple information streams that can be used to more effectively use excess solar to charge your EV.

  5. Looks good and is very compact. Easy installation

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Single-Phase (7.4kW), Three-Phase (22kW)

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8m Attached Charging Lead plus Cable Holder, Charging Socket plus 5m Charging Lead & Cable Holder, Charging Socket plus 7m Charging Lead & Cable Holder, Charging Socket plus 10m Charging Lead & Cable Holder, Charging Socket