Smappee Connect Gateway

$328.89 Incl. GST

  • Wi-Fi & Ethernet internet connectivity
  • 24 hours of backup data storage
  • Modbus-TCP/IP over Wi-Fi or Ethernet for BMS/EMS integration
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The Smappee Connect gateway provides the cloud interface between the Power Box and associated power monitoring. This in turn allows for data transfer to the Smappee cloud, to then provide reporting on historical and real-time energy usage (and production) via the Smappee online dashboard and the Smappee smartphone app.

The Connect provides a cost-effective solution where the additional features of the Genius gateway are not required. With this in mind, the Connect gateway does not provide NILM (non-intrusive load monitoring), appliance control, Gas/Water monitoring, or MQTT broker. Furthermore, it does not support a 3G/4G USB dongle.

Furthermore, the Connect gateway supports Ethernet and Wi-Fi for connection to the Internet.

In the case of a network outage or loss of an active Internet connection, the Connect device will store data locally for up to 24 hours.

The Connect is a cost-effective yet robust way to connect the Smappee Infinity setup to the cloud for reporting.

The Smappee Infinity system provides a revolutionary solution for energy management in both homes and businesses. Essential for users with solar production or high energy-consuming devices, allowing them to maximise savings and revenue generated.

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